• Well, the title says it all. lol.

  • To support Denon campaign at OCBC Exhibition, I made the brochure designs

  • It's been centuries since I update my portfolio page. so here it is. lol

  • Well, my friends and I have this project called Japan Addict INA. Its a community that related to Japan, from music, drama, movies, gossip, news, lifestyle and everything. We're just about to start, so yeah, 

    So I made all of the designs.



    Alt 01

    Alt 02

  • Well, As you already know (or don't) haha, I'm a volunteer at CreativeDisc, sometimes I become the journalist or the photographer. Haha. So I made the design for CreativeDisc name card.

    Here it is.

  • Logo Alternatives

    Letterhead alternatives

    The Chosen logo

  • Some alternatives I made

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